No Head - Emilie Bazus / Laurence Kiberlain / Zoé Rumeau Opening february 1st 2017 6 - 9 - pm

Emilie Bazus
Laurence Kiberlain - series Perdre la tête - 2016
Zoé Rumeau - Famille

Stories in stitching / Anne Paris Cindric & Brankica Zilovic

From 18 November 2016 to 14 january 22017 2 pm - 7 pm 

Mathieu Weiler – Drawings in the Basement

Mathieu Weiler, Tête inversée, ink on paper, Galerie Laure Roynette

Upcoming exhibition: "How can we remember what can not be seen..." , presenting the works of 3 artists : Régis Crozat, Marion Davout and Athanasios Zagorisios

Athanasios Zagorisios, 2015

Currently, Romina De Novellis with the exceptional participation of BILL VIOLA

"My field of art is the universal language of Mankind" Bill Viola

The choices of the gallery

Artists of now, who have an authentic research which moves me by questioning and re-enchanting the world, whose sincerity and multifaceted talent hits the certainties, opens a window of alternatives.

Artists who help me (better) to live, to understand the world and i want to share the work.

To be a place for debate, exchange, discovery for artists, collectors, critics, friends, lovers, passers-by. A place of life, art and discussion.


Laure Roynette


20 rue de Thorigny

75003 Paris

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