Miloslav Moucha

Point Supposition, 1978

"Point Supposition" is one of Miloslav Moucha's fundamental pieces, as it was written below, in Fabrice Hergott's 1986 critique:

"Between 1978 and 1983, he painted a series of works with the point as subject. Unique at the center, it is painted from the ends of the canvas, which is totally covered, with a dense array of strokes that intensify the radiance of this reduced object. The radiance is colored, physical and spatial (from the center point to the space of the canvas), or existential. Artistically, these works are a success. On the human perspective they formed an unacceptable solution, as they called for an extraordinary discipline of which the most obvious consequence was the result of his painting. Moucha submitted himself to this. However he lived with this disappearance for himself only, regardless of his painting. He temporarily stopped painting, and started again. With a free mind and free hands, he created small paintings and objects and ultimately, the great canvases of today with their wavy lines, their ovals (almost faces), as well as some dots that seem like ironic reminiscences, in this cold beauty of aether dreams."